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P-27 - Jazz Tongue

  • Autor: Tron
  • Lizenz: © 1993 P-27 / White Sail Production (SUISA)

This century we're now at
Dominated by musicians, wearing black shoes'n hats
Their attitude is to let the groovy shit flow
Yo Mr. Saxman let your horns blow
John Coltrane, Dexter, Maceo
Duke, Herbie, Bobby, Keith, Bud P.
They all play the keys so sexy
Smooth, let the drummer swing, Tony
Williams, Louie, forever king
The man, the different styles
Rest in peace, yo, good old Miles
Yo Mr. B.A.S.S.
Eddie Gomez, bassin' for no contest
Backtime Diz'n' Bird sold out' all the rest
They all let the peas pass, and make, the Jazz...


To what it is, just a neverending story, a
Couple o' genius sailing on a boat'o'glory
Drunken sailors singin' songs about a free world
27 maniacs makin' things you've never heard
Before, and no more of that hardcore, I
Got enough aggressions, yes a shit called «war»
Jazzin' better near a Warteck
Enjoyin' vibrations down toe, up neck
Me and the drummer, the drummer and me
I'm a slave'o'rhythm R.O.N. after T., you can
See me drummin' stylin', humblin', bonglin', buck whylin'
Together with the others, I call them my brothers
In the back the pfunkky munkiz they' re makin' our music
They are my bomb and I'm gonna refuse it, our
Lifestyle, what we like and not the mass
Yes, this is the Jazz


Years ago Gang Starr sold a slam
J.A.Z.Z. it's a jazz thang, a
Jam, a theme by the P-Funk Star team, you
Know what I mean, I love the iazz goddam the scene's
Topic, the music, the force Soul, Magic, Jazz of course, I
Need no scenario, I need no ****in' drama
I just learned it from my papa and my mama
Suckin' at a jazzjoint feelin' so high
Rollin' down my Jazz tongue, wanna know why
Brothers killin' brother and my tears go by, they
Deal with the devil, don't want to try to
Change emotions, taboo, can't feel it
Ignorants, what happened to you? Cause I
Need no violence and no aggressions, too, I got a
Jazz tongue yo Radikkal's comin through


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