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P-27 - Judgin' Blind

  • Autor: Tron & Skelt!
  • Lizenz: © 1993 P-27 / White Sail Production (SUISA)

We are a new power generation, we've got the
Funkadelic Information, we tell it
You taste our funk, smell it
The rhyme fighters on the attack
Criticize my word, you heard by demand
Dissin' us, pissin' that, do you really understand?
27-Lyrics, the P is for protection
We show no direction, uh, but a rhythm section
Bassline, followed up by the organo, the
Man at the keys funkin' electric piano
Feel-X, come on, put some Wah-Wah on this scene
Groovin' to the beat, played by the human drum machine
Zip-zipedidou and zippedidooday y'all
Ticticeti-toc, hippedi-hip-hop hooray, check
Radikkal, we're
Criss-crossin' your childs play so better smoke this

One day I'll make you be mine
'Cause all you are judgin' blind
There's no one that stands on
Both sides of the hashline
Check your head, check your state of mind
'Cause all you are judgin' blind
I am not the one that stands on
Both sides of the hash-line

Comin' in up the funky messiah, the TR, so
S to the K-E-L-T!, you see the emergency
I am smokin' a big joint, but I'm takin' no cocaina
We're ****in' up hard drugs, they bring sadness and pain
Healin', stealin', it's the way down now you're dealin' you're
Sellin' shit to the kids because they wanna go to sealin'
Trapped through the gate, well, you trapped under ice
You wanted to try, and now you're payin'the price
Smoke this! Hey, ho, being sly as a cat
But you told me, that you will stop that, 'cause
You are player, and the devil that servs, the
Master reigns, packs'em as smurfs
But they're not able to fight, satan
Throws drug grenades like dynamite, boom
Boom, shalack-lack, ain't dead yet
Just one thing, man, get off that shit, yo
We're not holy and we're no saints I'm not the one, that paints
Black, so I'm coloring you I
Try to give ya hope, and a view, too
So at least I'd like to give respects, to the
Poets, the jazzies, the funky intellects, to the
Brothers who respect us, the P-27, what
Do you mean, Chris? Smoke this!


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