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P-27 - Put your Funky Spacedüsn On

  • Autor: Tron & Skelt!
  • Lizenz: © 1993 P-27 / White Sail Production (SUISA) & Dark Wings Musikverlag K.-U. Walterbach (GEMA)

Put your Spacedüsn on, ha ha!
Put your funky spacedüsn on, ha ha!
Put your funky spacedüsn on, put 'em on
Put 'em on, put 'em on!
Come with us, follow us
And put your funky spacedüsn on!
Come with us, follow us!
Put 'em on, put 'em on, put 'em on!

10 O'clock, lock up, I got the hot top
he funk needs punks to party poppedi-poppa
Never stop to sing sudeldidum, smoke da
Kaboum, makes your head go boomin', explosive
Crowd jumps, bass pumps, feeling comes
DJ spins the stuff originally outta slums
Ladies shake ya rumps, Boodaz let ya Reebok
Pumpin' jumpin' in the air, stompin' ya horns, good-ga
Tap the bottle the let this yellow juice kickin'
Time goes on as I say it goes ticeditickin'
S.K. rocks the floor, he let's the punks stay poor
Copin' no moves, ha, ya throats so sore babe
Come with us, follow us
The boodaz from the 27's get you feel plus
Good vibrations, bad times had gone
So put your funky spacedüsn on

Skelt!'s on his way to the 27's harvest moon
With Raddy, Tron and Droze he's on the way to the temple o'doom
Exploring the tendencies of short-wave frequencies
Roaring' bout stupidities 'n' kickin' anormalities
«Troned is the way of the talk!»
Drozed is the way of he's leading the chalk
Radikkal' s lookin' for the millimeter deep "PEEP"
J.P.'s waitin' while he's pullin' up his sleeves
Feel-X movin' up his fingers up onto the strings
Playin' bass for Pip's like spreadin' out some wings
Matthew on drums makes your ears feel def
In the kitchen of the boilin' sounds, he's the chef
We're a crazy troop of for notes lookin' boodaz
Defendin' our image like a couple of Robin Hoodas
My heart, my soul, this one goes out to my mom
Please, put your funky spacedüsn on!


Lib - libedy listen, do you want to know a secret, da!
Trobedi - Tron on the outrun, you wait upon'til
I'm gittin' changin, perhaps you're feelin strange'n
Stop, hold it, so I call it
The hipedy - no pedy raggamuffin spaceflight
Right, I put you düsn on, showing you the way
To the light, upside, where the stars shine bright, I'm
Galaxy gangster, call me the space Clyde
Put your düsn on, put your düsn on, and
Flip on da tip of this "nowschool - shit"
Dobedy - don't take it sickedy - serious, you think I'm
Mysterious? What I am! "Yes, what we are!"
Comin' out from space, yes I'm comin' from so far, with my
U.F.O. I'm drivin', comin' down by my car
Please put your funky spacedüsn on!
With my funky spacedüsn onto my back
Reachin' other dimesions, läck, bin ich wägg!
The garden's the place, where my brain goes boom
Staring at the TV, lookin' at Looney tunes
Jammin' Iroquee, bouncin' through the speaker
Observing the ceiling, checkin' outta my sneakers
Our music's just like a dreamy blackhole
We can't do nothin' for ya, man, you already roll
You can't escape the 27 Loodaz
Don't trust the hype, and don't trust the rumours
Think 'bout what you've heard in these 60 minutes
Press stop and put our 27-Funk back in it!
Time runs out, it's time to go...
And don't forget to let the whole shit flow
Skelt! and Tron say: Listen to this musical bubblegum
So please put yourfunky spacedüsn on!

3 Dwarfs runnin' around, the
Funk is what it's got to be found
Through the woods of music they groove
Skelt!, Tron, Radikkal on the move
With the instruments walk the lane
Matt, J., Feel, B.I.P. and Mary
Kane said he gets raw he felt strong, and
We put ourspacedüsn on!


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