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P-27 - The Game

  • Autor: Tron & Skelt!
  • Lizenz: © 1999 P-27 (SUISA)

I’m playin‘ my game, hard n’heartless
Run for points’n for the heart o’darkness, a
Lonesome raid for Excalibur, I’m
Rockin‘ evil creeps and the dungeon keeper
I’m playin‘ my races, punchin‘ off faces
Visit strange places’n fly through spaces
Callin‘ player one the 27th route
Callin‘ Abe’n callin‘ Crash Bandicoot
Callin‘ Sonic and Mario
Comin‘ in 3D and Stereo, and make me
Bust-a-Move, and then I finish the level
Nr. 27, the rhythm, the rebel, the
Slave, the pleasure of treasure
By my hand, I’m leadin‘ command
Pullin‘ buttons by demand
And understand, it’s all in the

Game, hey
With another’s name you gotcha beast to tame in the game
`Cause It’s all in the game, hey
With another’s name you gotcha beast to tame (in the game)

Gimme the world so I can play monopoly
Gimme `nough power so no one can conquer me
I wash my hands in the waters of justice
Why shouldn’t I?! I meddle in a rough biz!
Watch your back! I might be your enemy
Gotcha! You should have been aware’o‘me
My mission is to keep the pole position
The supervision in each competition
No opposition in my division
Because "God blessed my holy inquisition"
I brought the light to where it was dark before
’m the fallen angel, your heart’s my backdoor
You’re fascinated, seeing me the illuminated
Believe my words and you won’t be humilated
’m Wonderboy in the bloody books of history
My masterplan will always stay a mistery
I‘m your screen and define your reality
Make you believe in your own immortality
"I am the King of the World!!!"
Me, the clever guy with a black tie and a white shirt
I control the media inducing mass hysteria
All the way from Columbia to Siberia
Leaving behind the remains
Of Sex, lies and war games


Let me
Rock’n’Roll like turok rolls rocks
Crack the door’n rob tha gold o’Fort Knocks
Dead or alive, I’ll fight the Pandemonium
Shoot off my Rockets, so I feel like a
Panzer Dragoon, I stand beyond the beyond
Spy vs. Spy and you Mr Computa versus
James Bond, versus me the lost Viking
In real Life, you can call me the jamaican Triggy
Tron, and I’m possessed too, o‘
Lara, Croc’n the whole damn crew, I
Let my Adrenalin rise up, and I
Can’t stop, `cause it’s all in the


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