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P-27 - The Requiem

  • Autor: Skelt!
  • Lizenz: © 1993 P-27 / White Sail Production (SUISA)

All people in black, funeral procession, which is flowin' with the mission
To escort my dead brother, who didn't want to listen
Closely connected, deeply respected
Changing his circle of friends and now he's resting in the casket
He didn't even get 20 years before be died
Rising high to the sky, see the birds fly
Man alive! Your ma your pa crying at the graveside
Your mother takes your picture to her chest and says "You're always mine"
In state of anxiety' bout some people I know
Tears get frozen, lookin' like a crystal
My friends are sniffin' coke could pull the trigger of my pistol
I could aim onto their bodies tryin' to save their souls
Difficult to comprehend the devastating implosion
Snowbird on his own way producing a crash
Having a spark of lease of life, too tempting seduction
Digging your own grave, a member of old flash
Jinx, what did you do, you forgot the people who liked you?
It pulled you magically on, we told ya
When you go wrong, there's a hand who can guide ya
Today's the day, to analyse the consequence
Think about whose nonchalance, what about Ihe ambulance?
I'm Skelt!, I say grace for my health
Tribute to my mom, you brought me up, well done!
Old-Flash-Jay, steppin' on the wrong way
Your so called fame was ending like a one way lane
We joined our hands, began to pray
Filled with hate, too late to escape
You was falling like a shooting star, strutting on the boulevard
No babe, I don't wanna stay calm
Back in'91 we wanna show you where we're comin' from
Dealers and gangsters, fearing the dooms-day
Pawns an the chess-board, banished from the milky-way
Looking at the drama, happening at the churchyard
Sure that you was present and you thought you were the superstar
Jinx, my man, it was a sad sad funeral
We hope you're settin' an example


We hope you're settin' an example
Won't you, won't you listen to this tragedy
We hope you're settin' an example
Your mother, your father remembering many embraces
We hope you're settin' an example
Won't you, won't you listen to this tragedy
We hope you're settin'an example
Your mother, you father remembering many embraces

We are the nephews of our grandmother Hip-Hop
Needin' the unity, wanna be reaching to the top
Fame, is so tough to attain to, cops kick your ass and BOOM!
You failed! A star on your birthday, a cross at your full name
You had a too short lifetime, better listened to my true rhyme
Your name was in the paper, but not in the headline
Thinking of you "Shame of the mankind!"
Reading the obituary, you will agree to me
Loved of the family, a victim of virility
Adorer of the Ladies havin' trouble with their babies
Such rumours, these are things that don't amaze me
Good fellow, intered in the 90's
Deceiving yourself, while you were thinkin' about a daisy
You can't live without it? Skelt!'s maintaining the contrary
You believe me, Jinx? The dead is comin' like a burgla
Unforeseen and suddenly, greedier than a monster
Road of drugs, you knew you would soon reach the abyss
Dissing the Hip-Hop, but you haven't been proud of this
Discs, flowers, tagbelts, caps, paintings
Embellishing your residence, displacing the main things
I'm not a preacher or a king
Not a prophet or teacher, you know, what I mean?
But I can tell ya you can't hold me back
I will be struggling for my brothers, tryin' to get them whacked «Them» ?
I hope you know it, Buddy, gimme a clap
Deceived and sad, while we saw you in the sarkophag
A pity that you couldn't perceive our faces
Your mother, your father remembering many embraces
Zhok, F, are my homiez, they know me
It can't be accepted that your soul is flowin' downstream
**** that police, 'cos those dummies were too late again
«Our hands are bound!» they say always the same thing
We will never forget ya my brother
We could live hundred years, we wouldn't suffer like your mother
Jinx, my man, it was an awful funeral
We hope you're settin' an Example


A lyrical serenade, sharp like a sword
in prospect for better days, warnings! But you haven't heard
Fan of being celebrated, centre of the crowd, Jerk!
I'm in a rage! You've got a wisdom like a smurf!
No heavyweight, powerful, a person of hundred-forty pounds
How do ya feel when you're eight feet underground?
I don't worry'bout you my man, your life is everlasting
Your picture's in our minds, it will never be erased in
Livin' your life like a sleepwalker an the roof
Blind for the reality, not realizing the truth
Before you knew it, they've already cheated ya
Cryin' at the funeral, sly like ministers
Polish your life like a diamond or a jewel, do it!
Told ya that you got my trust and that you shouldn't fool with it
What did we know about the way you made your money?
On a serious tip, we doubted our efficiency
To stop the approaching, impending catastrophy
No way! Too late! You refused to collaborate
A hazy day, not even children didn't go out to play
All I saw was the back from your mother
Rather motionless, a weak shoulder trembling I discovered
My turn! I stepped to the edge of the hollow
I stood between your parents and thought: «Oh no, impossible!»
They were consoling me, I thought: "Oh god, that couldn't be"
I asked myself: «From where do they take their energy?»
Two souls so strong, they got over all the things you did
More than ever they're gonna miss our brother Jinx!
Now I reminisce, while I'm writing ya this
About the time when your brothers were blubberin' in the mist
Suddenly so weak, suddenly so breakable
Suddenly regretting, but the addiction's undefeatable
Two hours later in the toilet of a restaurant
Doin' what you did with the difference that you won't see your mom
The true facts about your death had already died with ya
Jinx, my man, it was a catastrophal funeral
We hope you're settin' an example


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