Ohre (Maxi)
Released 1999
Format Maxi
Type Released
Added on Freitag, 04. Mai 2012
Genre Rap
Price 4.00 CHF
Length 16:18
Number of discs 0
Edition date 1999
Country Schweiz
Label MUVE Recordings / Musikvertrieb AG
Catalog Number 901612
Edition details
Tags Skelt!


All vocalz by Tron & Skelt!
All tracks recorded & engineered by
Drozt at the Yellow Room
Mixed by Patrick Duvoisin at
Shazam Studios, Geneva, Switzerland
Mastered by Glenn Miller at
Greenwood Studios, Nunningen, Switzerland

Design by Robi Insinna
Cover by Skelt!
Executive producer Skelt!

© P-27 (SUISA)

Ohre (Maxi)


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